Word Of Revelation Ministries




The Team

Apostle Terry & Pastor Mary Jefferson
Senior Pastors/ Founders/ Overseers

Minister Renae Dickerson

Apostle & Pastors Personal Assistant (APPA)


Minster Dickerson has been a member of Word of Revelation since 1999. At that time she was appointed head of the Youth Ministry, where she established the "Youth on Fire for Jesus" team which consisted of children of all ages. Minister Dickerson worked diligently with them to ensure that they knew just how important they were to God, and the building and upkeep of His Kingdom.


          Minister Dickerson has the attitude of "GET IN WHERE NEEDED" so she has and will serve in any ministry of the church where help is needed. At this time Minister Dickerson serves as the personal assistant to Apostle Terry and Pastor  Mary Jefferson, as well as one of Pastor Mary's Armor Bearers. 


          Minister Dickerson lives by faith and not by sight, so for her the battle is already won! its just a matter of continuing to fight the good fight of faith, until she hear our Heavenly Father say...




Minister Andrea McMiller

 Operations Minister (Youth Minister)

 Minister McMiller is a native of Alabama, and was born on March 15, 1973. She has resided in the Columbus/Phenix City area her entire life. 

 In 2007, Minister McMiller became the proud wife of John Author McMiller. She has one child and four precious grandchildren.

Minister McMiller is a graduate of Troy University where she received her Master's Degree. Columbus State University where she received her Bachelor's Degree.

Chattahoochee Valley College,where she received her Associate's Degree.

Back in 1999, after seeking God for truth and answers, God led her and her entire family to Word of Revelation Ministries. Since then, she has become an Ordained Minister under the guidance and leadership of Apostle Terry and Pastor Mary Jefferson.

Minister McMiller's passion is walking in the Word of God and ascertaining knowledge of God's Word so that she can in turn make a difference in people's lives through teaching and counseling

Minister Carol Williams

Operations Minister (Teacher)

Minister Williams joined Word of Revelation Ministries in 2004. Years later she joined the Adult Praise and Worship Team. She was soon after called to oversee the Children's Church, and became active in The Outreach Ministry. Minister Williams, along with Minister Jones,started the Performing Arts Ministry.

In 2009, Minister Williams began studying under Apostle Jefferson in Teacher's Class, resulting in her becoming one of the teachers.

In 2012, she was ordained as a Minister of the Lord, and as a Minister she stands firmly on the Word of the Lord.

"All things work toward the good of those that love the Lord, who are called according to His purpose."

Romans. 8:28